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Who We Are?

Medital Avenue is a creative communications agency, specializes in healthcare and medical marketing. Our success is appraised by the no. of patients we network with the doctors at the right time and place.

Decades ago, doctors didn’t need to do many activities for their publicity. Patients made health care decisions based on their general practitioners recommendations, family and friends experiences. Today, the scenario has changed; people know healthcare corporates, not the doctors. That is where Medital Avenue steps into the picture.

We are formed to meet these challenges with a team of professionals focus on delivering innovative, compelling and practical solutions to drive more qualified patients through your practice’s door.

Medital avenue is exclusive to focus on healthcare. We understand the industry and the challenges it presents. We can connect with a peer-to-peer level with clinicians, and market products with a deep consideration of the legal implications.

“Searching for health information is the 3rd most popular online activity”

Why Healthcare and Digital Marketing are Joining Hands?

A large number of people are not online but they are looking for the solutions online. Based on that reasoning, healthcare industry cannot neglect the fact of digital marketing. So, digital marketing has a strong room in healthcare.

How we do it?

Core path is a process to approach the brand growth based on interpretation of the market environment, the clinical data, and the unmet needs of the target audience.

The tactical reach identifies market drivers for growing share. Our tactical thinking is based on competitive insights, market growth, and the customer. Once the reach is set, development of brand positioning- individualize your brand from the competition- build brand equity, and maximize growth.

The original brief— complete study of customer insights and goals for the brand- is the key to developing a powerful, relevant and creative campaign. From branding elements to the compelling story, it’s where your brand comes to life!