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Aster MIMS Hospital

“Aster MIMS, a NABH accredited hospital is a 673-bedded multi specility care center delivering an entire range of preventive, acute and outpatient services. The hospital, located in the heart of city of Kozhikode in Kerala is ideal for people seeking treatment from various ailments, not only because of its superiority in infrastructure but also because of its commitment in operating with the highest standards of safety, cleanliness, integrity and honesty. There is absolutely no substitute for good health, and health of the people is the first priority for Aster MIMS.

With Level IV Trauma Care centre, Advanced Interventional Radiology, sophisticated intensive care facilities and the best blood bank in the district, thanks to its component separation facility feature, MIMS continuously strives to provide the best all-round care. All the care centres in the hospital are fully equipped with the latest technological brilliance aiding in complete and comprehensive treatment of patients.”

“The doctors at MIMS aim to alleviate the discomfort of patients by installing a technologically brilliant solution for recording and retrieving discharge summaries. Thanks to this system, doctors can dictate multiple summaries at any given point of time, thereby eliminating the “dreary wait” that most patients have to endure once the doctor discharges them. MIMS has also been credited with the Excellence Award-2010 for its pollution control endeavors. The Pollution Control Board (PCB) initiated the award.”

The fully enhanced Cochlear Implant Clinic at Aster MIMS has been involved in utilizing sophisticated technology to help you hear the world around you. Our full-fledged team consists of highly experienced audiologists, surgeons and others who are dedicated to the evaluation, surgery and follow-up care of patients with hearing impairment. Aster MIMS is traced as one of the pioneer centre for cochlear implantation in Kerala.

Aster MIMS is the first hospital in Kerala to introduce a state-of-the-art micro-technology for curing kidney stone(s). This has paved the way for the evolution of minimally invasive percutaneous kidney stone treatment (MIP) systems facilitating a cheaper and quicker procedure resulting in quicker treatment, with the added advantage of less pain and less scarring. This modular minimally invasive pressure-controlled PCNL System is a first for Kerala, and currently available only at five other hospitals in India.

In the effortless surgery which is considered as a medical breakthrough, the thyroid is approached through the region of the axilla and the side of the breast by the keyhole method. However, the surgical procedure is little time consuming and the risk involved while undergoing this scarless surgery is comparatively less. The patients can get back to their daily routines early, since the scars are small and the pain is less.