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Lilavati Hospital

The Lilavati Hospital and Research Centre is a private hospital located in Bandra, Mumbai, India. The hospital was established in 1978 by the Lilavati Kirtilal Mehta Medical Trust.

With the motto "More Than Healthcare, Human Care" and with the mission of providing affordable, high-quality health care, the trustees of Lilavati Hospital have developed a specialty hospital in India that combines treatment, research, and education meeting international standards. Patients receive treatment and students get a medical education with the latest technological equipment and facilities.

In 1978, Shri Kirtilal Manilal Mehta—a diamond merchant fondly known as Bapaji, who in 1956 founded the Antwerp-based diamond company Gembel NV—established the Lilavati Kirtilal Mehta Medical Trust in memory of his late wife, Smt. Lilavati Kirtilal Mehta. The trust has been managed, controlled, and administered by Mehta family members Prabodh Kirtilal Mehta, Rashmi Mehta, and Chetan Prabodh Mehta.

In 1997, the trust established Lilavati Hospital, with 314 beds, 12 operating theaters, 300 consultants, intensive care units (ICUs), and 1,800 staff members to provide care for 300 in-patients and 1,500 out-patients daily.