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Online Advertising

Online Advertising That Delivers Patients

What is Online Advertising?

Online advertising is a targeted form of advertisement that gets you in front of the people who look for your services.

We target your online campaigns towards the best geographical location, landing pages, recommend an appropriate budget, create a winning strategy using the right keywords, mobile bidding strategies, analyze the competition, to help you to reach likely patients near your practice and ensure to enjoy the best possible return on your investment.

Online advertising helps you to get the right audience at the right time

Here are a few of our favorite ad types and how you can best use them:-

  • Search Ads: Nowadays, when patients search for a new doctor they simply open a browser and type it into their search bar. We make sure doctors and practices are popping up first through PPC.
  • Display Ads: Target and retarget likely patients based on demographics, content they’re reading online, the keywords they used in Google, a vertical of sites with related content, and even email addresses whether they opened an email message you sent to them or not.
  • Social Ads: Target prospective patients in a way that looks like news content through Facebook Newsfeed ads, Twitter promoted tweets, and Instagram promoted posts.